Leo 2024 Horoscope & Astrology

Leo Characteristics: Big-heartedness, Generosity of time, Consciousness and Natural leadership

Horoscope 2024: A year-long trend towards greater abundance of personal income is in your horoscope 2024. Some of you will be making money from esoteric endeavors or through work behind the scenes during july 2024. You could never be defined as a materialistic person, but your attention this year 2024 is certainly on the more material, physical, and practical areas of your life. At the root of this focus is the desire for increased freedom, and you instinctively feel that taking care of your practical affairs will help you to eventually enjoy more freedom of movement.
In Leo Horoscope 2024, you have especially strong feelings about your career, reputation, income/ finance, and possessions. Learning and education are areas of your life that undergo the most change. Increased responsibilities in general and in your career figure, and are actually important for your development. While there are no shortcuts or totally lucky breaks in your career horoscope 2024, you are likely to derive much satisfaction from your achievements that come from your hard work. You are noticed and recognized for your natural talents on the job, and you could be busy re-investing money into your career. Contentment, rather than changefulness, figures in the love department this year.

Love finds you most easily in April and from mid-November 2024 to the end of the year 2024. 2024 is set to be a character building year for you lions and lionesses. Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline moved into your sign on July 17, 2021, and remains there through mid-2024. You are going to learn many valuable lessons this year – and 20 looks like being a serious year 2024 for the majority of you.

2024 Love Horoscope

2024 Love Horoscope

Leo 2024 Love Horoscope: The majority of you are in new relationships or going it solo as the year begins. Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline transiting your sign since mid 2021 has made it clear to you that you can’t waste time with losers or people who aren’t ‘the one’. And with another 18 months left in your sign, you are looking for Mr. Right or no one at all in 2024. A more stable partner comes into your life this year.
He doesn’t have to drive a sports car or make buckets of money, but he does have to have a big heart and be kind to you – and many of you will fall for older men this year. If you are still doing research later in the year, a lunar eclipse September 7 helps you decide between two guys vying for your attention and you settle into relationship bliss very happily and easily.

2024 Health Horoscope

2024 Health Horoscope

Leo 2024 Health Horoscope: With Saturn in your sign all year long, your renowned pride and self-esteem will get a reality check. If it is overly inflated, it will be brought down. If it is unrealistically low, it will be raised.

Health wise, you need to watch for signs that your body is sending you in 2024. And with Saturn, your health planet very prominently placed in your own sign, you will be much more interested in health regimes, diets and healthy lifestyles. This is a great year for dieting, starlicious makeovers, cosmetic and plastic surgery.

2024 Finance Horoscope

2024 Finance & Career Horoscope

Leo 2024 Finance & Career Horoscope: You start the year off hungry for professional success and notoriety and despite cranky coworkers, get the job done and by the end of February, you could be promoted or jump ship to a competitor who woos you endlessly. Saturn in your sign means that you are determined to succeed in your chosen field. Going back to school and learning new skills is also in your stars midyear, when you feel that you are lacking valuable insight somewhere.
If you are in charge of hiring staff, you’ll draw good people to you and instinctively know who fits the bill and who doesn’t. Parents and siblings help out this year when and if you do get into any murky financial waters and your spouse is also a huge support for you if you go out on a limb and need back up. Your strongest and most active financial period will be from July 21st to September 30th. Investing in companies and stocks that you know if you like to play the stock market is advised – no get rich quick schemes.

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